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FreeFlow Caliber F/S. Tiger Stripe *blem*

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    FreeFlow Caliber F/S. Tiger Stripe *blem*

    11/13 Edit. Big clean up. Found some stuff to add on for a nice package.

    Love this gun, but need to sell it to help out some family projects.

    EDIT: Well, lol. Thanksgiving was a doozie. Might be taking in my 5yr old niece for awhile. Dropped prices again. Don't want to take too much of bath here, but go ahead an offer if you have one.


    850 for everything in pic. 800 Marker only.

    FF Caliber, GI Lvl, MWAG Matty Marshall (never played in), 3XL FARSIDE Soldier (3) by RAZA, HK case, HK stand,.

    * I have a ton of gear like packs, goggles, pads and other soft goods for any plus sized ballers. lmk if you're looking for more kit, i can add on for dirt cheap, much is new or VERY gently used. just lmk what kind of stuff you're looking for and i can dig it out.

    Tiger Stripe anno has some blems. Speckles on the side, some streaks on the barrel. So it's not show piece. A fine weapon, ready for 10-man, big games, or just feasting on walk-on souls.

    Quick air test vid for proof-of-life. Sorry about my nort-woods sound

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    Darn good deal


      Better pics attached, I think. Sorry if not. I’m on the road.

      just to help tell the blem(s) from regular grime. The bad bits are the speckles on the side and the streaks on the barrel. Lots have admired it at the field and haven’t noticed the blems until I show them.

      Looks like one pic failed to upload, but just FYI the matching feedneck is there and will come with it.
      Last edited by DavionGuard; 11-11-2021, 08:22 PM.


        Tempting, since I could probably have this before FF finally ships my damn Lotus


          Big time edit done. Added some goodies for a sweet package. Ready to work with you on it though. No parting/separating unless you're offering on the gun.

          Gonna try and get an air test video soon. Take my word on it for now, that it works just fine.


            I’ll take it. Pm inbound.


            • DavionGuard
              DavionGuard commented
              Editing a comment
              sounds good. I'll be looking out for it.

            Added quick vid of an air test.


              bump. still available.


                bump. Still available. Nothing is firm. I can work with you.




                    Updated with the Black Friday numbers. Will revert back later.


                      Another price drop.