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Armada Automag with Xvalve SOLD

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    Armada Automag with Xvalve SOLD

    This has never been fired- it was simply a hotrod I put together over a year or so. The xvalve is brand new from the factory- so that means it's untuned. There are probably air leaks- I dunno, because it has never even been aired up. It's just been sitting in my closet for a year or so.

    wow, that was fast!
    $1000 obo

    SOLD for $900

    List of parts:
    nummech double trigger grip frame
    Luke's custom armada body and rail
    inception designs feed neck
    agd blade trigger
    ccm air fittings
    lukes custom carbon fiber front grip
    freak barrel
    two sets of aluminum 45 grips (one open and one closed)
    2" Crown Point style freak barrel front/tip
    matte marbled anodizing by stained works right before he stopped taking commissions
    exalt gun case included with manuals and parts for everything
    Last edited by hplant; 08-16-2020, 07:18 PM.

    O wow thats sweet


      Awesome! Hope you sold it for what you were looking for!
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        Thank you so much for the help in pricing! You guys were spot on!


          hplant, please leave your original selling price in the post next to the sold. That will help future inquiries to be more accurate. Especially for such a unique marker.
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            good call, will do!


              That’s a fine specimen. Congrats
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