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2005 WGP Prostock and Two 98's-One with a super R/T

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    2005 WGP Prostock and Two 98's-One with a super R/T

    Got a few to move along to new homes.

    Prostock SOLD 03/18/22

    First up is a 2k5 prostock. I had a matched pair of Superstock and Prostock, both new to me. This is the last one left of all my 'cockers.

    Has a POPS asa, Lapco feedneck. Original black magic reg got changed to an Empire reg with gauge. Cocking rod is the type that has the hex on it so you can adjust velocity without an extra wrench.
    Been a true workhorse, though its sibling got a lions share of the work, and I just play with my CS or pump more.

    This one has followed my standard autococker rule: I do not try to tune it, I pay someone to do that. Last time was about 5 years back by Rick at TC Paintball.

    Things I live with:
    WGP beavertail has a hole through it near the dovetail(a bad idea in the long past)
    Cocking rod likes to back out. I just keep tightening it in while playing. It's been a habit.
    Usual macro leak until some shots get through to fully seat line.

    Just played with last Sunday, and then cleaned up, to ensure function before turning it out
    Has J&J barrel, original unused sock, extra 3 way barbs, top hats, clear line, and o-rings.

    $385 Paypal shipped in the US. Click image for larger version  Name:	2k51.jpg Views:	337 Size:	1.91 MB ID:	243923 Click image for larger version  Name:	2k52.jpg Views:	281 Size:	1.93 MB ID:	243924
    Price drop
    Next is a pair of Tippmann 98's.
    Got a nostalgia kick again, and for some reason I decided to replicate a 98 I had at least 3 times over.

    First 98 has the Response trigger, double trigger and Tippmann expansion chamber. Changed out all the springs and O-rings with a Tippmann kit and lightly smoothed up the internals(3M 7445/7448 pads).
    Got the Super R/T parts and lines installed. The extra cyclone fitting and original parts included.

    Second 98 is a plain workhorse intended as a loaner as I tired of loaning other stuff. Got the same light smoothing and rings and springs.

    Extra parts shown included, including the brand new red aluminum powertube and delrin bolt.

    SOLD via the 'Bay The pair goes together for $160 shipped in the US or OBO.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	tipp1.jpg Views:	284 Size:	2.12 MB ID:	243925 Click image for larger version  Name:	Tipp2.jpg Views:	280 Size:	2.05 MB ID:	243926 Click image for larger version  Name:	Tipp3.jpg Views:	279 Size:	2.09 MB ID:	243927

    Looking to simplify my life in markers-so not a lot of trades are on my list.

    Pretty firm on the prostock for the time being, but OBO on the 98's.

    Doubtful the right T2 or 6.5 would come along-but I'll put it in.
    EMF100 or a mech eclipse gun.
    My missing unicorn in its stock configuration-an '06 Black magic in dark purple fade to silver with a matching dark karni frame and scenario dreams T-Board(if you have it...)

    I'm certainly not opposed to adding appropriately...
    Last edited by Trueblue; 05-09-2022, 07:44 AM. Reason: All SOLD

    Nice guns!




        Pm'd about your Prostock


          Replied to PM's thanks.

          Edit to add OBO especially for those sweet 98's.

          You know you nostalgia fans want to run the field dual-wielding those puppies!...


            Moving it back to page 1


              Price drop on the Tippmanns.
              Moving them to eBay as well-but the prices stay better here.


                Just curious, is that single trigger tippmann the older style? Able to take standard 1/8 macroline fittings?


                  Both are older style ( non platinum ones with the push type line fitting). They are also not the ACT style markers
                  1/8" NPT I believe. A better expert may weigh in


                    Price Drop!