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Nummech Necrococker... "GODZILLA"

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    Nummech Necrococker... "GODZILLA"


    Well, I never thought I would sell this piece. This is one of my babies. But after being out of work for 3 months and bills coming due... gotta do what you gotta do. I sent this off to Hellion360 to be properly built and tuned. Aired it up the other day and it shot some two year old paint like a champ. There is a small issue with the bolt - Nummech didn't mill the cocking rod slot big enough, so the bottom of the bolt pin had to be slimmed down to fit into the body. Something you would not notice unless you really looked for it, or decided to swap bolts for some reason. I can get some pics if needed.

    Nummech Necococker Midblock Body
    Nummech Single trigger frame with internal regulator
    Full Inception Internals and Pnuematics
    WWA Freak Barrel
    Custom oDm "Godzilla" grips, and some other grips as well.
    Anodizing by Anotech Metal Finishing

    Price - $1800 OBO
    I know its high. But this is my baby and I need the cash.

    I can add and Inception Pico for $50, goes well with the build.

    Trades - Limited, main thing I am looking for is a different body to finish a pump build with a Freeflow reflex frame. Might entertain nice nelsons. I like simple and reliable...


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    Whenever I see these $1,500+ cockers I think, that is super nice but no way could I ever see paying that for it.

    This one however is unbelievable. If my wife wouldn't kill me I'd take this one for sure. This aesthetically could be my favorite cocker I have ever seen.


    • Lt. head-shot

      Lt. head-shot

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      Normally I am the same way, I could never see myself dropping that much on a cocker. But when I added everything up that I had spent over time... I was really surprised.