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CCM Series 5 with Inception parts + CCM barrel kit

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    CCM Series 5 with Inception parts + CCM barrel kit


    Would have loved to shoot this forever, but I'm re-prioritizing things for the rest of this year. Can't justify keeping this on a shelf with other things needing funds.

    CCM s5 with Inception pneumatics, Eclipse POPs On/Off and a 4 pc CCM CF barrel kit. 684, 687, 690 backs. HK case.
    Players gun with plenty of scratches on the body and whatnot, Inception parts haven't seen field play yet.
    Tape on barrel covers some scratches from pneumatics barbs.
    Cycles and shoots, but I haven't chrono'd or taken it to the field.
    Only mech issue with it is that the trigger stop screw is stuck/stripped. So full adjustment capability is limited, but it's timed fine.

    900 for everything shipped and fees covered. (OBO).

    Trades plus $$ are considered. would prefer something in the ballpark of +500 at least but open to offers.

    [Acculock in 1st pic not included.]

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