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WTS: Ripper-bodied Minicocker with Freak XL kit

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    WTS: Ripper-bodied Minicocker with Freak XL kit



    I have the following Minicocker that I never get around to using, so I'd like it to go to someone who will appreciate it better. All parts are in like-new condition. I have not tested it with the current ASA configuration, but I do have it roughly timed and function tested. It has never seen the field, it's been freshly oiled and greased, and all parts are like-new. Everything about this marker is smooth.

    Parts are as-follows:
    Inception Ripper body, feedneck, front and back blocks, bolt pin, cocking rod
    Eclipse Blade frame, Evo ram
    Belsales Hollowpoint 3-way
    Shocktech Phat Hammer, FGP LPR
    AKA Sidewinder HPR
    Slik bolt
    WGP valve, cup seal
    Maddman springs
    CP detent
    Hogue grip panels

    Freak XL Barrel Kit

    Homemade piece of Kydex to keep the timing rod from slipping out of alignment.

    I'll throw in a length of macroline and a straight fitting.

    $700 shipped to the contiguous US States. Cash, check, or money order. Face-to-face in the Central Arizona area.

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    Finally a use for all my checks!

    Nice build and a clever use of Kydex. If I was a semi-auto guy I'd be all up ons.
    πŸ’€Wild Card, RagnastockπŸ’€


    • lew


      Editing a comment
      Thanks! It was a fun build, but I have other Cockers that I don't feel guilty using.



      what part of AZ?