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Nice for its age Bud Orr Autococker, might need a 3-way?

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    Nice for its age Bud Orr Autococker, might need a 3-way?

    Price now $225 shipped OBO!

    Edit: Leak's gone after replacing the ram plunger o-ring!

    Edit 2: timed and singing! No leaks been holding air for 3 days now

    Wish I could keep her but too many other things I need to take care of need to move her along.

    Some nicks and dings and scratches but looks like it was put in a box in 1997 and left there for 25 years, came very clean and i cleaned it up some more and put new seals from a palmer kit in the leaky 3-way. Installed brand new PPS Rock, the old one looked like an old Palmer(?) and none of the tricks I could come up with would get it apart, I'll throw it in if you want it. Added a Belsales beavertail and removed the safety but it's in the seal kit along with a mini length threaded stainless timing rod and and banjo bolt.

    Edit 3: Installed a threaded stainless Inception timing rod and coupler.

    I also had topstitch (pbmafia) make me a custom barrel cover that fits over the pneumatic cover with the stock .750 (hehe) barrel, you'll want to get it bored for inserts if you plan to use that barrel. Will include a valve tool and the Palmer cocker seal kit minus the 3-way o-rings that are already installed.
    Last edited by Interl0per; 11-11-2022, 03:33 PM. Reason: Price change

    Fixed leak bump!


      Can't edit the title but rebuilding the ram fixed it, put on a threaded Inception timing rod and it's timed and working! Also lowering price


        I like this pretty good deal with the rock.

        seeing these brick guys blasting always brings back memories, the 2ks just don’t look the same. The slab sides always had a sticker or two on em.

        does it have a lug hole drilled through the top?


          It doesn't have the lug hole through the top


            Just added a Doc's stainless detent with delrin ball get this thing away from me before I spend more money!


              Price drop bump!