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Digger body, vert feed minimag

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    Digger body, vert feed minimag

    I know I said I wasn't going to part it out, but I did. Same set up as before. It's a vert feed minimag. Tunaman turned it into a no-rise and powdercoated it gloss black. It has a Doc Nickel barrel converter so it takes auto-cocker barrels, and Intimidator detents (there are extras with all the bits). I have it set up for CO2 with a Palmer's stabilizer, and the tank has an anti-syphon tube in it (as long as the black line on the brass is facing the dirt you shouldn't suck liquid). I also have extra bits and bobs so you can convert it to HPA easily (you can do it as is, but there is no need for the Stabilizer if you are running HPA. Right now there is a cocker threaded CP .689 on there. I am also including a .687 empire barrel and the stock barrel as well as an automag threaded Dye. WYSIWYG. I would like $500 shipped to your door.

    Man that is tempting
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