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Classy Old Mech's: Core ZX and a Spyder Xtra w/ assorted extras

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    Classy Old Mech's: Core ZX and a Spyder Xtra w/ assorted extras

    Time to move a few items that just need new homes.
    All these markers and parts and things were family items, having sat in the paintball bin at my brother's house until a new ACL told him his days were done, for now.

    I'll also have a Electronic post with a Epiphany and a sweet Eggy 2.

    First up, Core ZX.
    Having been around the Zeus markers for many turns, I thought I was done and got rid of mine. Of course, my brother had his and the love was rekindled.
    After sitting so long, being put away cleaned, she fired up and put plenty of tubes down per 12ie. I was shocked, broke out the gear and played several rounds of open play.
    Alas, after a couple sessions that day, an o-ring finally froze up and gave out. Not surprised and that's all that happened, especially since it gave around 25 shots per 12.

    Why is it up? Because AgentSmith got his old Miltec back up and running after being bequeathed to me, and thus back in my hands again. I only need one, and the Legend gets the nod.

    This Core ZX has the top loading mod magazine, and a hopper adapter.
    $150 shipped to you in the States.

    Second is his Spyder Xtra.
    That high-speed Shocktech sticker makes it all worthwhile. Well, that, and the Shocktech bolt, tall feedneck and massive drop.
    Also has three separate and period correct barrels , the J&J ceramic, the Smartparts Teardrop, and the Paintball Inc. Barrel. Python Sizer kit included.
    Not pictured is a 32 degrees spring kit and an regular eared short feedneck.

    I gassed it up last summer and put paint through and then put it away, thinking I'll pull it out and be "that guy" at some big game. It didn't happen. I was going to change out all the rings and did not.

    $125 shipped in the States to your door.

    OBO's Paypal and combined shipping on items for additional clarity.
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    Old Skool pistol love needs a home.