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Autocockers - CCM, Hybrid, 3x Slab Pre-2k, Prostock

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    Autocockers - CCM, Hybrid, 3x Slab Pre-2k, Prostock

    Autocockers for Sale!

    $10 USA Shipping. $20 Canada Shipping(will be more if you are in the woods)

    detailed descriptions below.
    1. Pre-2k RT Mech - $289
    2. 2k2 VF Blue - $289
    3. PRE-2K PUMP - $400
    4. HYBRID RIVAL laz valve - $850
    5. CCM S5 gmax- $1.15K
    6. EARLY PRE-2K - SOLD
    7. Merlin banjo Prostock - SOLD
    8. PTP Autococker - $475
    9. FBM Teardrop Pump - $950
    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_9663 (1).jpg Views:	0 Size:	485.0 KB ID:	536043

    ---> Click to see more Photos - Dropbox Folder < ---

    MCB feedback:
    Ebay: 20yrs with 100% feedback

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    Pre-2k Right Feed Mech

    dry fire video - LPR pressure was a little low for the speed. skips went away with an increase. can reshoot to show. I like to ride the low LPR pressure line to increase efficiency and smooth things out. Easy to bump the pressure up if you like to shoot fast.
    Chrono video
    • OG Moodys ram
    • Shocktech LPR
    • STO 3way
    • Orracle HPR
    • CP rail and asa
    • Dye hinge frame
    • Taso volumizer
    • Dye UL -pc barrel 16"
    I changed the hoses to be all black.

    Early Pre-2k RT Mech
    • STO ram
    • Palmers LPR
    • STO 3way
    • PNW asa
    • Custom cut Nylatron Back block and bolt
    • Pot metal frame with AGD grips
    Great SN # 15151 - loves to sip on CO2

    Silver Prostock
    • Prostock boddy - feedneck mod, 3/4-20 merlin banjo mod
    • inception lower tube
    • inception pneumatics
    • inception PWR barrel
    • inception feedenck
    • inception regulator
    • inception cocking rod
    • inception bolt
    • ANS quickfire frame - with my trigger job
    • CP asa
    great sound and shooter

    CCM S5
    • Gmax 86* Frame
    • Bob Long Cam Drive
    • CP Regulator
    • Deadlywind barrel

    Hybrid Rival

    Dry Fire video
    • Dye Lazerous Vlave
    • CCM ICS Hammer kit
    • New Dye UL-S Barrel kit - 2 backs
    • Custom springs

    Pre-2k Slab Autococker

    dry fire video:
    • Kapp Groovy Frame
    • Houge Palm Swell Grips
    • Pre-2k Shocktech Bolt
    • CP Rail
    • Karnivore ASA
    • Nova PB Barrel kit with inserts
    • Bob Long Reg
    • WGP pump kit
    • AKA Coking rod

    2k2 Blue Autococker
    • KAPP LPR
    • KAPP 3way
    • Shocktech Ram
    • Feedneck Mod with new inception feedneck
    • Shocktech Bolt
    • ANS hinge frame
    • Original Box​

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      Originally posted by latches109 View Post
      Pre-2k RT Mech
      Is it RT or meant to be RF?
      Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

      XEMON's phantom double sided feed
      Keep your ATS going: Project rATS 2.0
      My Feedback


      • latches109


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        I got my eye on that early pre 2K CO2 sipper…

        PM inbound


          early pre-2k pending




              Merlin prostock sold


                early pre-2k autococker sold. which turned out to be a CO2 monster. 34 shots off a 12g at 330fps - MECH!


                • Hutbrew
                  Hutbrew commented
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                  Can confirm- using an old, underfilled, rusty and crusty Crossman 12g, I got ~30 shots before it began to drop, and that was without giving much time to recharge.
                  Better efficiency than pounding away with auto-trigger on my Phantom tbh.

                also have a PTP Autococker in a "Alien Rain" Anodizing

                $475 shipped with jacko barrel

                Click image for larger version

Name:	s-l1600-47.jpg
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                  I also have this all high-end parts FBM sniper for sale - $1050 Shipped

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0035.jpg
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