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CCM CF barrel kit FS Autococker

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    CCM CF barrel kit FS Autococker

    Please forgive the phone pictures. Condition is used. Case has no stains or discoloration. One barrel slot on the case has the end ring torn; I received it that way. 2 of the sizer spots could use another stitch or 2 for retention, but they don't fall out.

    All pieces are gloss finish, inserts include;


    Somehow I do not have the gloss .679 sizer. Carbon fiber front is the more common short version that is a 12" barrel with sizer. Ano is thin on the muzzle end, I tried to highlight the worst wear. Asking price is $145 shipped. Thanks for looking.

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    Willing to take a Sidewinder as partial trade, or a gloss silver CCM hpr. Send me a $ offer, you might be surprised.



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