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Mini midblock ego feed Orracle body raw

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    Mini midblock ego feed Orracle body raw

    Mini Orracle
    Ego feedneck
    Raw, will need polishing before ano

    Bough it from a member here without feedneck, brough it to a machinist to have it replace, got it midblock at the same time

    SOLD - $130 USD shipped - SOLD

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20220126_123951.jpg Views:	280 Size:	303.8 KB ID:	222845 Click image for larger version  Name:	20220126_123958.jpg Views:	231 Size:	247.0 KB ID:	222847 Click image for larger version  Name:	20220126_124106.jpg Views:	232 Size:	312.9 KB ID:	222846 Click image for larger version  Name:	20220126_124140.jpg Views:	234 Size:	303.8 KB ID:	222848 Click image for larger version  Name:	20220126_124114.jpg Views:	229 Size:	246.4 KB ID:	222849
    Last edited by Alexndl; 02-21-2022, 08:21 PM.

    I honestly wish I had the ambition to build this. I can just visualize so many cool variations of shooters with this base.


    • Olsson


      Editing a comment
      I'm somewhat in the same boat. I would like to, but I am pretty much clueless regarding Autocockers. That is my dark secret, that nobody on MCB should ever get to know.

    • BrickHaus


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      Lol, i get them to a degree, but the sled work would stop me.

      Plus I don't have a spare set of guts, so after new springs, valve, hpr, lpr, ram, and bolt is ordered you are looking at a 400 cocker before a sled is fabricated and or anno.

      That being said, I would likely relist it a year from now

    What was the plan for the holes in the sides?

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    • Alexndl


      Editing a comment
      Was there when I bough the body from the other member
      I would assume one was for a gauge port and the other one for air and use a female stab or a SP reg ASA. It would be a really compact setup with a normal pump kit.
      I have a shocker maxflow reg and a CCM economy pump kit for an extra if someone want to try it.

    If this is still around Thursday(which it shouldn't be), I'll probably pick it up.


      Open to trade
      looking for dust black on/off ASA
      Ego feedneck (inception design or other)
      speedy blue automag splash parts (I still habe hope for a rail?)

      I also have a mini front block that should work and other parts if you want to build a pump or semi let me know what you need and will provide price


        Replied to the message. Waiting for PayPal or extra parts info.