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Whippersnapper lot..

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    Whippersnapper lot..

    125.00 shipped USA

    woouulf's Feedback
    woouulf's wayback Feedback

    so cool this sure brings back memories...I used to have the black jason looking mask back in 89. I never thought I would see another one of those again. I seriously almost could buy the lot just for that mask lol

    Do you know the name of that mask?


    • Carp


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      AGD/PMI Faceshield

    • Pumps4ever
      Pumps4ever commented
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      Thanks Carp! Now I remember that's exactly which one it was!

    • MrBarraclough
      MrBarraclough commented
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      Oh good lord, the Faceshield. That was my first mask too. Got it in 1994 with the whippersnapper goggles, a beat-to-death but still functional 68 Special, 200 rd Indian Springs hopper, and a 7oz CO2 tank stamped 12/1988. Paid $150 for the whole lot. Still have all of it too, except the Faceshield. No idea what became of it. I upgraded to a Xfire within a year or so.

      I remember getting my stepdad to help me drill additional vent holes in the cheeks. Playing in that thing in the south Alabama summer was miserable. Just looking at that image I can feel sweat beading up and dripping off the tip of my nose.