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Empire Revolver Barrel Kits - AKA PowerLyte Scepter (Spyder/Autococker)

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  • lhamilton1807
    Price drop!

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  • lhamilton1807
    Only one barrel kit left.

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  • lhamilton1807
    commented on 's reply
    They’re in their way. LMK if your Spyder/Piranha projects end up needing a barrel kit 😉

  • Yo soy el Warg
    Hey bud! I just got that back and the .680 from you on Ebay!

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  • brownbeast83

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  • Empire Revolver Barrel Kits - AKA PowerLyte Scepter (Spyder/Autococker)

    Pics are here: A sample of the pictures are in the post here.

    Have a special Spyder or Piranha project that needs that last upgrade? You’re in the right place 😊 I also have an Autococker back to make the kit more versatile.

    These are the same system as the PoweLyte Scepter kits with 4” inserts. They don’t use o-rings to hold the inserts in place like the Freak kits, but instead use chamfered edges to perfectly center the insert with the front. These were considered superior to the Freak kits by many because of the insert locking, quality control, and lightweight design.

    Prices don’t include shipping. Definitely willing to bundle for a lower price - PM me! PayPal as always.

    $$ SOLD$$ Pictures 1-4: Immaculate condition Spyder-threaded Revolver kit
    • Black gloss
    • This kit was used, but you’d be hard pressed to find something wrong with the front, back, or inserts. I couldn’t find any noticeable wear aside from the slightest thread wear on the back.
    • The case has some paint spots, but is otherwise in excellent condition.
    • Case holds all pieces well. Nothing falls through or falls out. All padding us in good condition.
    • $80

    $$SOLD$$ Pictures 5-10: Worn anno, smooth inside Spyder-threaded Empire Revolver Kit
    • Black gloss
    • Tip and threads have some anno wear - see pics
    • Inserts show they’ve been used more than the previous kit, but are still smooth on the inside bore
    • Still works as you’d expect - straight, quiet shots, very lightweight
    • Case has one insert slot that’s slightly oversized. Foam has been added to ensure inserts stay put.
    • $65

    $$SOLD$$: PowerLyte Scepter .680 insert, compatible with the above kits - $10

    $$SOLD$$: PoweLyte Scepter Autococker-threaded back, compatible with the above kits, scratches and wear but works as intended still - $15
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