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Too much junk in the trunk

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    Too much junk in the trunk

    My bin is overflowing and I don’t need this stuff. I made some general descriptions in the price list, but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Im only home a couple days a week so shipping will either be immediate or slow.

    Make offers on multiple items.

    I plan on shipping in flat rate boxes when possible, so jam more stuff in or I’ll do it for you.

    Sold items:
    halo tsa
    asa w rail

    all fill nipple covers

    a5 and accessories

    both cf tanks
    quantom loader
    freak inserts
    pod swab
    ball sizer

    revy and doors
    tank extender
    tank cover
    gray elbow

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    Last edited by autococker04; 07-28-2022, 12:00 PM.

    I'm interested in the green and silver fill nipple caps but I don't see them listed?


    • autococker04


      Editing a comment
      I’ve got those ones at $2 each under “Fill covers”

    • JeepDVLZ45


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      Are you looking at them for your HPA tanks? Or for personal use? Just need to know what to expect on our next outing

    Is that an ASA and rail I see? If so, I'd like at it - can you send me PayPal info and price shipped? Thanks!
    ... and maybe that Halo TSA - is it a front man or backman?
    Nelspot/CCI Sears and Triggers
    Action Markers Valves


      I’ll take the 70/45 tank for sure and maybe the other tank. What size is the other one? I’ll also buy the Revvy for sure if it’s still available.


      • autococker04


        Editing a comment
        The revy is pending, but I’ll let you know if it falls through. I’ll let you know on tank sizes some time on Sunday when I get home.

      PM sent. I’ll take both CF tanks, ball sizer, pod swab, the freak inserts (except the duplicate) & the quantum.


        I will take the ricochet, the ammo box, a plug and a condom.
        Sending PM