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Phantom One Piece Feed, Phantom UL Barrel, Special Edition 12 Gram Lever Stock

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    Phantom One Piece Feed, Phantom UL Barrel, Special Edition 12 Gram Lever Stock

    *ALL SOLD*

    Pictures of the condition of these pieces, got these laying around and I figure I'll probably never use them so let's declutter:

    VERY mint condition, have had the barrel for like 15 years tucked away and never fielded. I Was gonna put it as a part to the new Garg builds but that seems to not be happening, so letting it go.

    AGD Special Edition 12 Gram Lever - 200
    Phantom Dye UL - 100
    Phantom One Piece - 50

    Open to offers/trades, located in SoCal so can also meet at a field

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    edit: AGD Special Edition 12 Gram Lever
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      Those Dye Phantom barrels are the only barrels I have found that perform as good as the stock barrel and have a lower sound signature. Hands down the best phantom barrel I have found.

      What’s different about the special addition Micro-CA II changer? Looks cool with the gold and black. Never seen one before that’s got to be a rare piece. Is it adjustable length?


      • Chuck E Ducky

        Chuck E Ducky

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        Some of us are more special than others.

      • pdang
        pdang commented
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        Its made with love....

      • Lawn
        Lawn commented
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        I Love the phantom boomstick for how quiet it is, the UL was a good option for full reanno!

        Lol I’ve never seen a special edition one but function wise I think identical

      PM'd you