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Autococker Parts Out The Wazoo

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    Autococker Parts Out The Wazoo

    All prices include shipping. Feel free to make offers, discounts for buying multiple parts.

    • STO body with stock WGP internals, front block, back block, and cocking rod. This has several scratches and is in fair condition. The threads are all good. It's drilled for eye. SOLD

    • WGP vertical feed body with stock internals, back block, front block, cocking rod, and Eclipse detent. In great shape and drilled for eye. Asking $115.

    • Gloss black eBlade with solenoid, eye, and eye cover. Has WGP grips. Asking $185.

    • Chrome eBlade with solenoid, eye, and eye cover. Asking $175.

    • Karnivor regulator in dust black and in great shape. Asking $85.

    • Eclipse ram in chrome/silver with QEVs. Asking $150.

    • Clippard rams in chrome. One needs a rebuild and one is smooth as a baby's bottom. Asking SOLD and $15.

    • Bolts - AKA Lighting ($45), stock 2k and Pre-2k ($15 each, pre-2k with oring on tip sold).

    • LPRs - Palmer Micro Rock (chipped chrome, $30), Palmer Rock (chipped chrome, needs rebuild, SOLD), various WGP LPRs (may need rebuilds, $15).

    • 3-Way husks. None of them have stems. $8 each. (dust silver, red, and brass w/ small barbs sold)

    • Hammers in various forms. $15 each.

    • Top 2 beavertails, $20 each. 5 Misc beavertails, $12 each. (black beavertail on left sold).

    • Trinity feedneck adapter that clamps over standard feednecks. SOLD

    • Evil smokestack without orings. $5.
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      Whats the story with that slide frame?
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      • Hobbes


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        I forgot to add it. It's a plastic frame with no cracks. It does not have the nut to attach grips. I have the nuts for the bottomline somewhere. There is some screw damage from bottomline screws being too long.

      It makes for a tall setup, but those trinity feedneck adapters are super handy!
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          U still have the black eblade


          • Hobbes


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          I tried to pm u but it won’t let me