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Not quitting but temporary quitting sale. Stp, ion pump, pgps

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    Not quitting but temporary quitting sale. Stp, ion pump, pgps

    Hello MCB this will most likely be my last series of post in a while. I will be leaving the sport for a couple years to attend school. Moreover, it turns out its quite expensive to study abroad (go figure lol). I can’t afford to keep all these goodies locked up knowing there’s people who will appreciate them more. All that being said I appreciate this forum and everyone in it. I have learned so much from this amazing community. This site is truly a gem! I will be back in a couple years as a not wise old man that regretted what I did today lol and look for all the stuff I sold back when I was 22 (current age lol) I will still be on here window shopping though so I’m looking forward to seeing dug up barn finds and crazy ebay finds lol Lastly, thanks for everything guys and feel free to message me on anything you like! I unfortunately can’t take trades on anything.

    So now let’s get to the good stuff!


    - Lapco Grey Ghost: My favorite stock class shooter! It currently is set up with a palmers sideline but I can keep it and knock 60 bucks off the total. Will come with stock stuff: 12g changer, stock, giant allen key etc. Also extra goodies such as: Open class feedneck setup, detents, 9ci Tippmann tank, extra cupseals and a new power tube. Asking: sold

    - STP sterling: Arguably the best pump out there (don’t tell the ccm fanboys or they’ll rage lol) Love this one to death, its buttery and simple in design! This one is one of the newer ones with the vasa and spyder threaded. This one will come as shown. It has a freak barrel and I have a couple tip options we can discuss about. I have a full ss insert kit I can toss for extra (+80 bucks) we can also negotiate the price if I remove the sidewinder (-50 bucks) and or the asa (-20 bucks). Besides the mentioned it will come with a rebuild kit and the velocity adjustment allenkey. Asking: sold

    - Empire sniper: This one isn’t really special but it just woks and pretty nice considering its ¼ the price of a ccm. Will come bone stock reg and asa and with the barrel kit. Asking: 250 Sold

    - Ion pump: pretty nifty little shooter, deadly quiet! It has a slight leak when in the “cocked” position. Not enough to render it as a parts marker but you will hear it in a quiet room. I don’t know much about ions so I’ll be tossing a whole bunch of misc ion parts in with this marker. Will come with freak barrel and like the sterling we can discuss on barrel tip options. Also will be offering the ss insert kit for 80 extra. And will take down 30 bucks if you don’t want an asa on it. Asking: 325

    - Pgp’s: These are just plain fun! Have a 2k and I guess a modded pre2k lol. 2k pgp: comes as seen, the sights are essentially gone and comes as seen, recently rebuilt and chronoing 290. I did the nail polish mod so no more rollouts! And glued a button mod on the bolt because some of these had ball breakage issues due to where the airport was located relative to the ball In the chamber. Pre 2k pgp: This one has a couple funky things: drilled holes on feed to keep track of paint, plastic rva that might need replacement soon. Both have cartridge valves if I remember correctly. Also have a ronin gear holster to add to either one for 20 bucks. Asking: 135 ea Pgp 2k sold

    As per usual feel free to make offers on any prices. Thanks again!
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    Dang that Sterling went fast
    Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
    Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


      Originally posted by iamthelazerviking View Post
      Dang that Sterling went fast
      I know! Infinite sadness
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          I need a time travel i can buy the ghost.


            Do you still have the Pre-2k PGP?


              Yes sir! The pre2k pgp and ion are still around!


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