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Splatmaster drop in kit

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    In testing this kit more, I've found one unforeseen benefit. The longer barrel makes it less likely to slam in a tube too far, which would normally block paint from feeding. Slam the tube in flush with the barrel and there should still be plenty of room before the tube reaches the breach (also leaving room for another ball or two).
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      Snuck in some machine time in the mornings before it got to hot.


        After too much screwing around with user error and missing/bad seals in my bucket changers, I got 'er running solid. I have wanted a metal Splastmaster ever since I came across KidneyThief's kits on 2.0 (too late to buy one). I'm super excited about getting this baby on the field. The RVA in particular is awesome; usually I am just crossing my fingers that the paint/temperature on a given day will work, otherwise Splatty goes back in the gear bag. Well, no more. Let's see them "just charge Axel, he's only got a Splastmaster" now 😆

        Click image for larger version

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        Dulce et decorum est pro comoedia mori


        • Axel


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          I'd almost feel guilty about using it there because here we are again, killing the spirit of the game with upgrades lol

        • JonM


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          Maybe. Then again, the same could be said about PGPs with RVAs and Fast changers.

        • Carp


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          If I ever get to make it to another CCB game. I had planned on using mine. But, it's easy enough, to swap, them back and forth between stock/mod'd. That is.. what's really good about Kit's kits! I also grabbed a few detent figure 8's from XEMON . The figure 8's might need some, minor sanding/modification, depending on which barrel you received. As far as, I'm aware, Kit uses whichever barrel is "currently" available at the moment.

        A really cool upgrade to the splat master!
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            My splatmaster just showed up, complete with vintage box, goggles, and a nearly full 12 gram still sealed in the grip!

            Just biding my time for Kit's kit!
            Check out my builds here -


              Found a little more machine time yesterday.


                lol Because I can…..


                • fullofpaint


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                  lol, I just bought one of those for mine as well

                • bigvinny99
                  bigvinny99 commented
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                  where did you get that 90° for the ICD stock?

                • Chuck E Ducky

                  Chuck E Ducky

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                  Palmers makes it.