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Tippmann C3 Pump - Propane Powered!

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    Tippmann C3 Pump - Propane Powered!

    SOLD $400 CAD

    Selling a good condition Tippmann C3 pump. These are the Tippmanns that run off camping propane cylinders. Supposed to get thousands of shots per cylinder, so perfect for those without access to air refills, renegade balls or people that like to BBQ between games.

    I’ve done a full breakdown on this gun, cleaned it up, and documented the process (visit the Tippmann subforum).
    This is in full working order. Shoots quite nicely, although I haven’t chrono’d it. Velocity is easily adjustable with a large slotted screw driver!

    Things to know:
    1) This has a fixed bore barrel, so today’s small
    paint means rollouts. A piece of tape placed opposite the detent may help, or a little fingernail polish.
    2) Uses a single AAA battery hosed in the grip frame. Battery makes spark, spark makes BOOM, BOOM shoots paintball.
    3) I’ve experienced barrel slippage, in which the barrel moves
    while pumping. Movement will block balls from entering the barrel to shoot. I’ve tighten things down to prevent and may be an issue with me being a lefty and twisting? Not sure. But this is only know issue with the gun. Easily fixed.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	E7720C0A-1265-4EAF-B7D5-96EEC83A9DE4.jpeg Views:	253 Size:	103.2 KB ID:	170081
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      another old marker going up in value. I remember just last year they were going for well under $200 NIB. GLWS


        Sometimes you get lucky! Gotta fund my Dragon build some how.’s-feedback


          Once you are done playing you can break out the camp stove and grill some burgers


            And sold!