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PPS K-framed Spring Feed Pug for sale

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    PPS K-framed Spring Feed Pug for sale

    ***Price drop to $650. shipped and insured. ***

    Hey, guys.

    I purchased this marker from Lt. Head Shot a week ago and realized I just have too many markers…..and a buying problem🤘😬👍. So, it is back up for sale. Feels amazing in hand and will be a fantastic pump for someone with the time to use it. It seems future proof with a .680 barrel ID and our increasingly smaller paint. My loss….your gain.

    From scratch build Pumper with K-Frame.
    12 Gram Cutout w/Extended Knob
    10" .680 Bore
    w/ wedgits and Blazer Detent
    Spring feed

    Price: $750 shipped and insured (paypal).

    pics are from Lt. Head Shot as he has better photo skills than I. Looks exactly as in photos. I only fondled it at home once received.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	62CD3222-536D-42DB-BA1F-541F6CC5FC1C.jpeg Views:	390 Size:	216.5 KB ID:	211512 Click image for larger version  Name:	404FBC0D-4517-440B-B04F-01568B3F6084.jpeg Views:	352 Size:	227.3 KB ID:	211513 Click image for larger version  Name:	FF54BC40-AFCE-427A-BBD8-8AB5E9986458.jpeg Views:	347 Size:	196.9 KB ID:	211514
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    There aren’t many that deluxe out there


      I have too many markers myself but this makes me feel feelings. GLWS
      "but we all have electros and you guys only have pumps, this wont be fair"

      (chuckling quietly) "we know"

      My collection:


        The Newest MCB Bicycle? Everyone gets a ride!

        If you were to buy this from Palmers today you would easily be out close to 1k before the K-Frame and out a full year+!
        GLWS =)


        • Mechstar


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          What is this...4 owners in 3 months??? Is that an MCB record?
          I feel like I am doing a service to the community by stopping the revolving door! Sorry folks...but the bike is riding off into the sunset with me! (he says SEMI-assuredly)

        Man, Id like a ride. But I really dont need it, and to shoot this over my walz would be sac-relig. But its one of those guns Ill window shop repeatedly til it sells or I cave.

        My buddy has a k framed pgp and those k frames alone are so worth the money. I never thought so until I held his pgp it points so well.



          I don't know what it is about sick K-framed guns... but damn they really are village bicycles. First that nasty Houndsphoon and now this one...

          Come on folks, let's give this gun a proper tour! You know you want to take a ride!


            Such a grail gun for me. Every time this shows up for sale I stress out…


              It’s a beautiful piece. I’m gonna regret letting it go, but Ive got over 20 guns.


                Originally posted by Mjlynnjr View Post
                but Ive got over 20 guns.
                Do you really think this argument work with us 🤣
                You would be surprise how many members are in this situation and we still buy more from time to time

                For me I try not to have an official count, that way I can still believe I dont have too much...
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                  Hmmm would look good with the nasty houndsphon


                    Who made those grips?


                      They appear to be rubber Hogue K frame grips. Wood grain look.


                      • cougar20th


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                        Thanks. I was thinking they were wood.

                      • Mjlynnjr


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                        I feel like it’s the best of both worlds. Grippy and soft like a hogue grip, but has the wood look. Win-Win.

                      If this would not make me pay huge tax on arrival i would make an efford to buy this....

                      Skickat från min ASUS_Z01QD via Tapatalk


                        Price drop to $700 shipped


                        • BrickHaus


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                          Much tempt. Good thing I dont have 700 in my fun money acct today.

                          *window shopping intensifies*

                        Man this is sick. If I had disposable income it would be sitting in a case (probably too long).

                        Owned a squall that was a fantastic shooter among other PPS products from the golden days.