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Empire Sniper FS/FT 2for1 with CVO RSX Bring LUXE X

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    Empire Sniper FS/FT 2for1 with CVO RSX Bring LUXE X

    Olive Green Empire Sniper, Xonix System X gips cut to not hang off the back of the frame, Eclipse Pops ASA (sour apple green) ,AKA sidewinder, CCM T2 style pump handle (Isle MFG), Empire Hitman mod, Modified Spring feed into stock class feed (will include spring feed tube also), Inception Design Fang trigger w/ id springs, ID hammer, Coned Hammer Lug, Empire full oem barrel kit and all oem parts (less pump handle and grips). The sniper will also be paired with a stock 9V Revy.

    looking for 412 Shipped via UPS Ground

    I also have a Black Shocker RSX CVO. Updated bolt from SP, Scion trigger shoe, .689 Dye UL Barrel, nummech cvo drop back, orange exalt front grip, 3d printed frag .45 grips.18v Revy w/ x-board, tsunami paddle and brand new JT shell kit. This will also come with the RSX case and factory spares.

    Id like to sell the Sniper or trade Both markers for a Luxe X.

    Really fighting the urge to buy this...


      Sorry it’s already been sold