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Bolt action sniper dmr 468 with lots of extras

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    Bolt action sniper dmr 468 with lots of extras

    This is a bolt action marker with a ton of extras I added to better suit it to a more traditional pump playstyle (in exchange for removing a lot of the mil-sim look). All original parts are included so you can easily return it to its original form (visible here: This is a barely used marker, only been to the field a couple times before I realized I needed to cut back some of my marker collection, and includes hundreds in extra parts.

    Original gun kit came with:

    - Left-hand bolt action 468
    - Front tactical rails with barrel collar mount
    - DMA tank-in buttstock
    - 16" Hammerhead oneshot rifled first-strike barrel with silencer muzzle break
    - Scope and bipod
    - 14-rd DMAG sprung for first strike rounds

    I have modified it to be lighter, more compact, and with better mask clearance with:

    - Shorter 14" hammerhead oneshot rifled first strike barrel with lighter spear muzzle break
    - Lighter barrel collar to replace removed original collar that had mounting point for front rails
    - Reflex sight to replace original scope
    - CCI .45 grip frame with bottomline asa to lower tank

    Plus further extras:

    - 4 20-round DMAGS (sprung for first strike and including springs to reconfigure for roundball)
    - 4 helix DMAGS (sprung for roundball and including springs to reconfigure for first strike)
    - J&J edge elite barrel kit (no case)
    - Efose fast mag pouches to hold 4x magazines

    A note on the barrel kit: if you intend to shoot roundball through this marker you very much want this specific kit. Being a bolt-action, it's a closed bolt marker, which means the loaded round is pushed past the detents. This means it's only held still by a good barrel fit. Other kits I've tried (including both freak kit variants) don't start the fitted bore where it will hold the ball against the bolt, meaning the ball has room to roll around and disturb your consistency. The edge elite kit on the other hand does hold the round at the bolt.

    The efose mag pouches hold 4 magazines with compression, they're quite strong and will not drop your magazines no matter what you are doing. They can attach individually to belts/molle vests and to each other to stack magazines.

    Price is $600 shipped, firm.

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