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ID Kryptonite Half Block WGP Spec

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    ID Kryptonite Half Block WGP Spec

    This is the build that really started my love of Kryptonite bodies. I'm keeping the first one I bought (full body group buy anodized by Arc Anodizing).

    The Good;
    I upgraded parts over time as Simon made changes. New reg, long threaded .689 tip with brake, ID half block bolt (newer than the foamy), out of production 86 degree slide frame, full .675, .680, .685, .690 barrel kit, 9/16 CCM internals (though I'm fairly certain I switched the hammer back to ID's HB hammer). I chrono'd this years ago, with a different reg, but never used it on a field. Silver piece in the frame is a functioning safety I did not originally receive with the frame.

    The Bad;
    Last photo is there to show sled area blemish in the finish. Also the body is actually cut through when they were getting ready for IVG or valve threads, slightly hidden by the bolt sled. Marker still functions fine, cut is nowhere near the valve chamber or pass through, nor does it pass across the entire width of the body. There is also a mark ~1" long in the barrel tip exterior finish on the left side of the barrel in the photos; it is not through the ano. No autotrigger included even though the pump arm peg is there.

    There is Dow33 on the barrel back threads in the photos, threads are fine. Mat and coaster not included.

    Asking $700 slightly OBO. Not looking for paintball trades though a fun color kryptonite body would likely make me start another build. I could also sell without the frame for $550 as it's my favorite ID frame I've used - not willing to part anything else.

    Sorry if the price seems a bit high, not sure how bad the market is as I've not seen another Kryptonite for sale for a while besides what I've listed. I know I have >$1G in parts in this though.
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    Thanks for the good pics. Seems like a good deal.
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      Whew that's a clean build. Those diamondback bodies are rare and still in high demand. That's pretty minor wear on the anno from the drift kit sled as well. GLWS!


        awesome build!


          Any chance you Want to trade that 90 frame for an inception gen 1 45 + cash? If not, GLWS!


          • IndustrialHalo


            Editing a comment
            Thank you, but no. I like the 90 frames better than 45.

          What brand IVG are you running?