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Inception Hornet

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    Inception Hornet

    I've got my inception hornet I'm leaning towards trading. Haven't really fielded her much since getting her 2 years ago, maybe a dozen times?
    Anyways, she's pretty much stock since getting her new, but I did change a few parts. I put a sidewinder reg on, a warped sportz dark bolt, and a set of houge grips. Also still have the stock bolt, reg, beaver tail, and inception travel case
    The gun has some light scratches, but nothing crazy. The barrel has more wear since I've used it on other guns more frequently. The barrel back is a 685
    Dont really have a cash price in mind, would rather trade for something different. I like automags/parts, Carter buzzards/comps, and really anything I could see myself using
    Thanks, Pm for any questions


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    If you still have this bad boy, and are interested in selling, let me know.


      Ar you interested in parting out the inception reg?


        Be interested to hear what you had in mind for a purchase price... should you get there. Would prefer with inception reg so you could part the sidewinder.


          Pending trade on a carter mini buzzard


            TRADED for a carter mini buzzard, thanks everyone for the offers/interest