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ATS AT10, AT85 kit sale

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    ATS AT10, AT85 kit sale


    PRICE DROP rock bottom now $650 for the lot, wife is harping on me so this is as low as i can go!

    Hey everyone i was holding on to my very last very favorite paintball gear but after $50k in IVF fees i finally have a little boy on the way and theres still a few baby items i need.

    For sale is:
    1x ATS AT10
    1x ATS AT85 no rear sight
    1x ATS AT85 w/ rear sight
    10x magazines (most have age cracks)
    1x mag to hopper adapter
    7x front loaders
    1x front loader with bipod
    1x Misc parts kit with 3 new guide plates
    1x Calzone aluminum carrying case
    1x extra AT10 barrel
    1x velocity adjustment rod
    1x extra grip

    All markers have not been fired in 5-6 years, but fired well no issues last time i took them out. I did disassemble and check the seals and springs and they all appear in good condition with no missing parts. If you need additional pictures let me know no problem.

    Looking for $650 shipped and insured to your door in CONUS. OCONUS/international shipping i am willing to do but will cost more, pm me if needed

    Will not part out unless it is heavily in my favor due to the expensive case, etc.
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    WOW that is very awesome, good luck with your sale and your family. Having a child is incredible, exciting, wonderful, best thing ever and scary all in one


      I appreciate it! I am pretty excited to see him in October, hopefully i can get a few essentials out of this kit.


        My girlfriend has been spending too much money or else I'd buy this son of a bitch in a heart beat.


          Is there any chance of you selling the AT85 and AT10 separately? I've wanted an 85 for a long time.


            Im not super willing to part out but i can go as rock bottom as $750 w/ shipping and insurance stateside. Its gonna cost me roughly $150-200 to ship everything so that comes out to be a pretty good deal IMO.


              Aw bummer. I was going to ask if you'd do 375+shipping for an at85.


                Well if the kit doesnt move soon ill definitely hit you up if you are still interested


                  I'd be interested in mags/parts it you split the lot ...
                  Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

                  Sheridan rebuild kit
                  Air Power Vector Screw Kit
                  ATS Screw Kit

                  Keep your ATS going: Project rATS 2.0
                  My Feedback


                    Bump, now $650 for the lot i really need to get this stuff gone!


                      idontneedmoreatsidontneedmoreatsidontneedmoreats.. . crap, pm'ing


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                        please .... save uuuuuuuuuuuuussssssss ....................

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                        ...and I did :-P

                      Payment pending