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Armson Semis and Rifles

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    Armson Semis and Rifles

    I acquired a decent size lot of Armson guns a couple months ago. The lot consisted of Armson Paintball Rifles and Armson Semi paintball guns. I have spent most of the time since cleaning/repairing, finding parts and learning a lot about these guns. You might see them on eBay, but obviously contact me here if you have any interest in one. I’ll do my best to give you the pick of the litter based on what I have.

    Every gun has been disassembled, some seals replaced and most of the dirt and grime cleaned out. I did not completely disassemble the grip frames. Each gun has also been aired up and tested for leaks and basic functionality. They will be tested one more time prior to shipping.

    Each gun will come with a parts kit. All spare parts are brand new. Some of them are hard to find parts, others not so much. The parts kit is subject to change, in your favor, as I continue to track down additional spare parts for these guns.


    The picture shows the guns I currently have as of this posting. I have no problem moving parts around based on what you want and can build and show you the exact gun you want prior to shipping, although I have kinda already done that and the 5 on the bottom are the nicer ones.

    Most have an older powertube seal that probably won’t last too long. I will change it out if it’s leaking, but leave it in if it’s still working. This is a “hard to find” part. The parts kit will include brand new powertube seals.

    I sent a barrel to BMC for freak boring to test. He was able to do it no problem. Only issue was that the Semi bolt will get stuck in a small insert. It was anything below .684 with mine. I did a little sanding of the last 1/4” of the bolt tip and it was fixed and worked fine.

    Armson Semi + parts kit. $500 shipped


    Some of these are not quite getting up to velocity. So a little tuning and tinkering might be necessary. Probably just a combination of old springs and a ‘90s barrel with a huge bore. A new factory mainspring is included in the parts kit.

    All of these guns have a unique powertube setup currently installed. This is how they showed up. They work as is, but I was able to get the “newest” powertubes and hammers and am including those in the parts kit. If you change them out, the sear and cup seal will need to be transferred from the old setup.

    I also sent one of these barrels to BMC for freak boring to test. Again, he was able to do it no problem. And I had no issues shooting the gun with a freak insert.

    Armson Paintball Rifle + parts kit. $220 shipped

    Not really interested in trades at this time.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	564C6702-FA86-4C3F-9E90-F2974A806221.jpeg
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    I have tried to send a PM. It keeps getting error codes or timing out. And now that I have posted this message the PM went through multiple times. Better than not at all, I suppose.

    Put me in line for one of the pumps. IF I am high on the list could you cherry pick me a good one? :-) I am more concerned about functional than looks... so a nice one that is "up to speed" would be great.

    The semis are gorgeous, but too rich for my blood. What is the story on this hoard?

    What was the charge for the freak boring? What threads do these guns use? Did you acquire any extra barrels?


    • wthomas333


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      PM’d you back

    What threads are these?
    Need Inception Designs or Shocktech Products? Let me know!

    MCB Feedback

    old PBN feedback


      Armson threads or lack there of. SEMI isn’t threaded, just secured by a collar that tightens down around it and the front power feed screw prevents it from spinning and fits into that groove.
      The Rifle threads are metric since these are from South Africa. See pics.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	210777BE-BD77-4A35-87D4-310DF68A68C1.jpeg
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        Am I correct in thinking that the semis are essentially Automag-like blowforwards (perhaps similar to the FROGs)? And that the pumps are basically Phantom clones?

        The Automag: Not as clumsy or random as an electro. An elegant marker for a more civilised age.


          Generally speaking, yes.
          But, the Semis are unregulated and operate on “volume”. So the velocity is controlled by increasing or decreasing the chamber size in the valve by turning an adjuster on the rear of the gun.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	C997BC45-EBD8-4A70-AEA2-1EEA2767CE17.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	553.7 KB ID:	159260

          The pumps are very similar to Phantoms, but being from South Africa they are metric and therefore the parts are generally not interchangeable. There might be something on there that can be swapped out with a Phantom, but I haven’t experimented with that yet.
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          • RuleOfSines


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            SideKick Semi blow forwards work the same way, adjustable volume vs pressure.
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          • MrBarraclough


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            Interesting. Kind of a cheap-and-dirty way of controlling velocity in a blowforward, and subject to the same temperature sensitivity that Tom Kaye designed the AIR valve to avoid, but probably works well enough for what it is.

          I can't believe nobody has said it yet:

          Dulce et decorum est pro comoedia mori


            Wow indeed. I am wondering how low of pressure the semi will work at. Can I use a tank with a 450ish output? I am thinking they were designed to run on co2 pressures.


            • wthomas333


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              To get proper velocity you will need higher pressure. They definitely were designed around co2. I have used an hpa tank with an output around 900psi to get similar results as when I use co2.

            Package arrived today in good shape. Another slightly different pump to go with the family Nelson.

            Nice smooth pump stroke. Me likey.

            Now, where is the best place to get a set of Nelson springs?


            • Brokeass_baller
              Brokeass_baller commented
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              Inception I believe has some. Or there's a guy on here that sells SLPS sitting kits. I'm pretty sure nearly all autococker springs available nowadays are Nelson.