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Bushmaster Pointman w/. Collapsible Stock $600 shipped

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    Bushmaster Pointman w/. Collapsible Stock $600 shipped


    Dropped to $500, damn title editor, I remember the old board took like an extra click, no idea now.

    ETA: HAH! Just noticed that I have 7 posts since the great crash and am "Newbie". Buy with confidence, been a member since like early 2000's? No idea, been a long time! Of course, that is what a scammer would say.

    This is a bit of a mutt of a Pointman, with a chopped barrel, started with the stock, added the the long body deluxe and a like new later gen lever change with the auto adjusting seal, the pointman pump and what I had hoped was a factory barrel (no such luck). But really you are buying the rare collapsible stock at this price, let's be honest.

    I really, really enjoy owning this, but it has been and will always be a wall hanger, I've used the same phantom for the last 20 or so years when I want to play stock (ish) class. This was solely a gun I used to lust after in APG back in '90 as a kid. And dear lord do I feel better having owned one. But nostalgia only goes so far.

    Has Lapco ultralight internals, the original deluxe frame piece and screw. Shoots great (rollout of course, bit of electrical tape fixes that), has SI pump screws, tube, etc. not that much wear, I chose as good a longbody as I could find. The stock shows the most wear, since is it aluminum scraping on aluminum. But damn the old school machining on bushmasters feels good!

    The chopped barrel is annoying because it is not factory, but then again you won't feel bad freak boring it. No idea how long ago this saw the field, since it came together over time.

    Comes with the stick feed, no sight included unless we work out a deal. The Tasco MM25 that is on there is long out of production and a pain to find anymore, and I only have four of them.

    This is 30 years old or so, so scratches, etc. but overall great condition in my opinion.
    Last edited by Jt526; 11-12-2021, 12:52 AM.

    Price is more than fair but just a little too much for me man. Good luck with your sale although selfishly I hope this hangs around longer so I can maybe pick it up and moving some monies.


      LOL , listed one about a month ago with the same stock and freak bored and just got side eye's at 350.00..Its gone now.. These stocks are RARE!!!!! GLWS. They are worth every penny to a collector ...


        Would you be interested any trades?


          Sorry no trades, I’m trying to downsize to just what I plan on using.


            Price drop, can't figure out how to edit title. I am an old.