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Lapco The Grey Ghost #1633

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    Lapco The Grey Ghost #1633

    $300, I cover pp fees and shipping.

    Classic, non-rebooted Lapco Grey Ghost paintball marker, #1633. See photos for details. I got it off ebay from that guy who is selling older guns that lists as being from a closed-down paintball museum in Florida. Gun is in decent shape. Definitely a player's gun. Shows some wear in use points. Parts are near original. Came to me missing the sight rail, and the forward grip frame screw is some hardware store, make-due stuff. I used it on the field and it shoots good for its age. It does have the pump arm return spring. I didn't disassemble the pump arm for the breakdown photo as the front sight is mounted on with a really tiny set screw and I can't for the life of me find my Allen set with that size. Around here somewhere, as I disassembled the whole gun when I got it to do a very thorough cleaning (it was gooey). I always wanted to try one of these. Now I can say at least I have. Looking for a new, good home.

    I got laid off from my old job and my new job is some long hours, so please be patient for my response. Posting here first, then PBNation next week if no takers, then Facebook after that, and then if not gone, back to the dreaded ebay again.

    Click image for larger version

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      Bump, dropped to $275 and also listed on PBnation.