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AGA 62 - Missing Magazine Tube - Missing Safety - Leaks

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    AGA 62 - Missing Magazine Tube - Missing Safety - Leaks

    Hi All!

    I hope the title was clear enough! If you're sill reading, the good news is that the indexing seems to work really well. Trigger pull is heavy, but I think that's normal for these? Air leaks out immediately upon 12 gram pierce, but i got a few shots off and it seems to work ok. It's from the fabled eBay museum collection, so it was probably "running when parked", and now needs all new seals. I have a spare 357 valve assembly (new), that can be included for $20. As the title states, it didn't come with a magazine tube and the safety is missing; both are available online.

    It's really a cool one.

    $150 shipped. SOLD
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      I believe I have a spare mag & a couple dozen valves if needed