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Colt SAA Revolver - 43 Cal - Made by Bill from CCM

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    Colt SAA Revolver - 43 Cal - Made by Bill from CCM

    I am probably going to regret selling this, but it does not get as much use as it deserves. I practice draws with it every few months, but I haven't shot it since early 2021.

    Bill was making these for the last few years, but seems to have disappeared from Facebook, so I don't know if he makes them any more. I commissioned this back in 2020. It is based off the Umarex Colt SAA. This is the "Ace in the Hole / Wildcard" version, with the hammer made for fanning/speed drawing. I chose to have a longer barrel put on for a bit more accuracy and so it fits better in holsters. It is an absolute blast to shoot, it spins on the finger super well.

    Package includes....

    Revolver + Shells
    Spare Parts
    Cleaning supplies
    Triple K Holster/Gun Belt/Ammo Pouch
    Nelson 43 cal paint
    43 Cal Rubber balls (never shot)

    Price - $650 (SOLD)

    Not looking to part out, the holster belt was $200 which is why the price is higher than you might expect.
    Shipping to USA only - I do not want to deal with customs on this replica.
    No Trades

    Last edited by Lt. head-shot; 03-01-2022, 04:11 PM.

    Such an amazing setup. I had a real steel matching pair with birds head grips. So much fun, but with paintball, would be able to shoot more often. GLWS!
    Old school brass........


      I need more money!!! Amazing piece of History....GLWS