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Kamikaze Shooter Slam Change Desert Duck

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    Kamikaze Shooter Slam Change Desert Duck

    This belongs to JJDee but I have it in my possession both to get 100% operational and to get it into the United States. I made a stock class feed for it out of Copper pipe and a PVC coupler so now it's actually stock class.
    He is asking $3,500 (PRICE DROPPED TO $2900) . I will handling all the payments and the shipping and since it's an estate still be no customs or anything like that to deal with. I will be at Slim's game next month if anyone wants to come pick it up and pay cash. It is a very nice piece and very very smooth, I haven't shooting between 240 and 260 depending on the paint.

    Edit: 5/1/22
    Now includes a Back Bottle Valve as well (Bucket Changer shown not included)

    Edit: 6/6/22
    Carter Bucket Changer included and price dropped to $3200.

    Edit: 6/10/22
    Price dropped to $2900
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    Edited and updated the photos... Marker now includes a back bottle valve as well as the gas in grip valve




        Carter Bucket Changer now included