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AGD, Tippmann, Rapide, and more

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    AGD, Tippmann, Rapide, and more

    I have a bunch of gear I would like to get rid of. I have already reached my PayPal limit for the year and I have no interest in paying taxes on this. So I would like to trade these items for some simple pump guns, phantoms or snipers. I have a few kids getting into the sport now. Click image for larger version

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    For trade values Tippmann sl $50 leaks down the barrel but comes with the aluminum insert to hold the hopper in

    68 special is pending on Facebook

    Pgp $150 battle grips and extended Co2 knob

    Rapids lot $60 untested I would call it good for spare parts the one does have some aluminum parts on it

    NIB agd sharpshooter site $100
    Micro Ca2 $100
    12 gram changers 10 each


      PM on the micro CA and 1x 12g charger


        Everything is still available