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Generation 1 MicroMag body uncut! Set for Pistol or standard!

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    Generation 1 MicroMag body uncut! Set for Pistol or standard!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	5183C577-729C-4C63-A078-40BBA7A979FF.jpeg Views:	144 Size:	3.66 MB ID:	316879 Click image for larger version  Name:	2847702B-AC12-4C98-8995-410C42A45791.jpeg Views:	143 Size:	3.66 MB ID:	316876 Click image for larger version  Name:	4C31F9DC-81CC-45E8-8998-911F628412A9.jpeg Views:	143 Size:	500.2 KB ID:	316878 So selling off an icon. Giantslayer Generation 1 Micromag body uncut. The history of these was they made around 500 originally but many were sent in to have the barrel cut off and the body threaded for cocker barrels. So there are very few around in circulation. I had made it into a pistol build and I included everything for that but the drop out changer was a prototype and a unsuccessful one at that. I was in the process of trimming an old asa to attach on the trigger guard to use put a dropout 12 gram in the when I had kids. Now my oldest is wanting to play so I am moving out the wall hangers to make room for some battle ready gear.

    This body was a kit that sat on a shelf till 2012, I got it and pieced together the parts it needed, feedneck, detent, valve and frame.

    It has seen the field 6 times the last being a 1:1 battle between me with it and my brothers Xvalved Morlock Hyperjunk minimag. I won and jokingly retired her but that was iconically the last time I used her.

    -gen 1 body, few small nicks but all threads are in great shape

    -matching Micromag vavle with devolumizer upgrade… the power tube can be unscrewed and plastic washers put in to lower the volume so you get more shots from a 12 gram. I would say it needs a rebuild it’s been sitting for 10 years. It did gas up and fire once when I first tested the pistol but I couldn’t tell if it was leaking because the spring for the 12g disintegrated under the stress and then the 12g became loose and pissed away in the grip.

    -milled hurricane valve. Lighter back and also a little more surface area for heat transfer (in theory to help with CO2 freeze but more decorative than anything.

    -custom 10 round spring feed for Micromag. Had a PT spring feed married to a Micromag direct feed, works really well, had a lanyard from an old fill nipple cover to keep you from losing the power feed plug.

    -custom prototype drop out 12g changer benchmark single trigger frame with hardline. The kapp metal grips are a part of the build then had hole drilled in the bottoms of them with pins in the frame so the grip screws wouldn’t be in the way of the 12g. Really the value on the whole thing is the kapp grips as the 12g needs a new pierce pin (uses a pretty standard screw in type). It also needs a spring for the quick release as the old one rusted and disintegrated when I tried to test everything.

    -benchmark Micromag single trigger frame: pulled from a Gen 5 Micromag but it works with solid asa threads

    -generic ASA- nothing fancy but it works

    -wood grips for stock frame, I have some hogue mock offs I could throw on instead.

    -PTP direct feed adapter. Single screw style so it works with this marker. I believe they are totally out of them but I could be wrong

    Either way it’s 90% a working pistol and 100% a BAMF old school gun.

    $600 including pp fees and shipping to your door.

    if you want the olive green power series hopper in the picture I haven’t priced it but say an extra $50 to your door. It works beautifully and it’s immaculate for its age. I will also throw in a black neoprene cover for the hopper.
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    That is sweet. GLWS!
    Old school brass........


      Thanks! I thought it would be more painful to but her up but I’m excited to rightsize my collection and she should have a good home!


        Good deal with the extra stuff I always liked the early ones


          Nice Mag setup, super cool! Did you go back in time and buy that Revy brand new or something?

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          • M98punk
            M98punk commented
            Editing a comment
            It was from a team spare 90’s tourney gun that was used a few times then in a closet then eBay. The entire time it was in a black neoprene cover.

          Was just let go from my job will take $400 tonight




              Pending with hopper!