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P series brass

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    P series brass

    Well see if I can get these in order. Didnt get a good solid price, so we'll start here. They are going bye bye so the prices will go down. Use your best judgment on pics. None are perfect but they do work

    SOLD #1 P-68SC. Tested and working, no leaks. Had low velocity but when I removed 12 gram, it was barely pierced. Maybe aftermarket bolt (rear shiny black, front shiny aluminum. 150.00 shipped SOLD

    #2 PMI-II tested, fired, no leaks, does have a few spots of surface rust. 130.00 shipped

    #3 P-68AT missing AT(was told. I think PMI II LB) you guy are better at Identifying than me. Cooper T, taso, PMI grips. Tested, fired, no leaks 180.00 shipped

    #4 P-12 Tested, fires, and no leaks. Probably the cleanest of the 4. 130. Shipped
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    Pm sent


      I don't want to gouge anybody but I don't want to give stuff away considering what I paid for collection. If the price is too high, make me a offer. Worst thing I can say is "not yet"


        A p68sc with a cart valve? Very cool! If I needed any more brass, I'd be all over that p12.