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Cleaning out the barn - PTP microcockers

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    Cleaning out the barn - PTP microcockers

    I have a bunch of paintball stuff I put in storage at my parents barn 10+ years ago.

    Next up Microcockers

    Black micrococker with new sled, delrin bolt, ccm frame, ccm pump kit, ccm barrel(one sizer), wgp reg, and cp on/off. $800 shipped - SOLD

    comes with old bolt, sled, pump arm, and ccm at.

    You will need to get or have the pump rod drilled for ccm at.

    Red/black micrococker with original sled, bolt, mq valve, angled front block, stock pneumatics, stock reg, and freak bored PTP barrel. $750 shipped

    Comes with new sled(kinda rough). Needs hole drilled through for bolt pin and bolt.

    This micrococker is a bit of a project, all the parts are there to make an awesome shooter.

    Both microcockers have been converted to 2k spec.

    These markers have not been aired up or fired in about ten years. You have been warned. 😊

    payment - PayPal. I ship USPS priority. That includes $100 in insurance. If u want more u pay the difference. Don't mind shipping to Canada, but you cover the difference in shipping($39.80 for medium priority box with $200 in insurance).
    Last edited by thelar; 01-05-2023, 09:22 PM.

    Oh freaking hell. Like one great philosopher said "that's HOT"!!!!


      Consecutive serial numbers!!!
      FEEDBACK -


        Yep, that is why I bought them. The plan was to make one a pump and the other a semi.


          Nice! Had one of these bodies in Chrome years ago. Gave it to a guy that had returned my stolen Karni. Think it was missing a lot of parts. If it was as nice as your pump I would have kept in. GLWS!
          Cuda's Feedback


            Must behave, must behave.

            BTW nice guns..


              ohhhh man that left feed
              💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


                Thats sexy.


                  Some one has got to want these on MCB? I hate to do it, but I may post them on Ebay soon.


                    Originally posted by thelar View Post
                    Some one has got to want these on MCB? I hate to do it, but I may post them on Ebay soon.
                    If buying these would not lead to my immediate death, I would be all over this, however... $1500 and two paintball guns in November is not in the cards


                      Dropped the price a bit.


                      • shooter311


                        Editing a comment
                        I want the pump one so bad, but I just spent my money on a MM2K...from you! Lol!

                      Sold the black micrococker. Dropped the price a bit on the other.


                        Dropped the price a little.


                          If other stuff sells I’ll be back


                            Bump for a new price.