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    Sheridan Haul

    Prices dropped on everything.

    Three Sheridan pumps, top to bottom in pic:

    1. Dunno for sure. LB? Shoots great. Speed demon bolt, missing rear knob, doesn’t affect function. Some rust on asa. Body is in pretty good shape. See 4th pic from top. $75 shipped.

    2. P-12. Works great. Has dent in feed, paintballs still fit fine (see 2nd pic from top). Good overall shape. $90 shipped. SOLD

    3. P68. Shoots great, good shape, dent in feed doesn’t seem to impact anything (see 3rd pic). $100 shipped.

    Grip Frame with grips $15 SOLD
    Loooong pump handle $10 SOLD
    12 gram plug, no plunger or screw SOLD
    Metal non-PGP pump handle $10 SOLD
    PGP top tube $5 SOLD
    Blue streak trigger group, hammer, and spring/guide *note: no pin, you’ll need to source one $50

    Link to Imgur album
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    Do you have the link?

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      I thought it was embedded in the post, but here it is again just in case: