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Pristine F2 Illustrator

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    Pristine F2 Illustrator

    Idk if this is considered rare, but its is defiantly old. I have today a pristine F2 Illustrator ( will be shipped in the OG box). I acquired this from a co-worker a bunch of years back, and never played with it. I can confirm it holds air, nothing else. With that said, it hasnt been used in Gods knows how long, it has sat in a closet. It comes with a trigger sleeve and an extra bolt? (might not be a bolt i honestly dont know i been out the game for awhile.)

    Sold AS IS: SOLD
    Last edited by Ramous; 10-17-2020, 10:03 PM.

    Extra "bolt" looks like a barrel plug. Very tempting, i wanted one of these so bad as a kid and its one of the few markers i have never owned


      Barrel plug


        That was the first barrel plug I ever had! I think maybe they are Bob Long made. When sighting the gun they disappear from view completely, I must have shot that thing out of my gun 20 times before I finally lost it. Good times!