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RTR Gargoyle Time #72

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    RTR Gargoyle Time #72

    SOLD! to Timefreak17, congrats to the new owner of #72

    Yep, we all know how often these come up.. probably less so than some other elusive unicorns, I had one more great time with the Garg at the Earon Carter Memorial Game and well it's time to move it on, no longer a main marker for me and I may probably regret this later on but for now it's more decluttering

    Has the lightened hammer, and open port for the bolt (will have original hammer and the OG phantom TPC adjuster). I have a CCM .681 barrel back on it and seems to fit most paint, otherwise there's the OG phantom threaded barrel adapter/detent holder for paint paired with that boomstick, super quiet. There's a couple o-rings used as bumpers in the 12 gram bucket to make it even quicker for changing 12 grams, but I usually ran this on the custom small 8.5ci tank with a smaller first strike reg running around 650psi, Really good on paint and super consistent over the chrono. And pics:

    Little bit of wear on the barrel back/adapter, and the breech piece, otherwise spectacular condition

    Asking for 2200 for everything pictured, if not need stock/tank, could do 2000, will consider trades/trades +cash if value around 2500

    Gonna let this ruminate for the long weekend and see if we can decide by Monday/Tuesday for super safe and insured shipping then

    Thanks for viewing all!
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    Good luck.
    As long as the new owner doesn't mind. Please let me know who it goes to so I can update the owners list.
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    • Lawn
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      Absolutely! Will keep us updated with the move whenever it happens

    • Lawn
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      Confirmed new owner will be Timefreak17, thanks for managing the owners list

    • Nish


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      Updated. You are welcome.

    Im the current owner this guys is a scammer. Jk GLWS Lan. I cant believe you’re doing this.