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ATS AT4 w/ Extras for Sale

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    ATS AT4 w/ Extras for Sale


    Well maintained. Put away a few years ago in working condition, has sat since. Also comes with spare parts that are hard/impossible to find now a days. Unfortunately I don't have access tanks or air to verify. I'm in Canada so bear that in mind - shipping costs may be a bit higher. PM me if you would like specific pictures or have other detailed questions.

    Additional pictures in this Armory Discussion Thread

    - AT4 Marker (HPA)
    - 3 working mags (two black, one hopper mag)
    - 1 broken mag w/ clear half (missing top sprocket, chain and lower sprocket intact)
    - 3 stocks (one remote air stock and two bottle stocks)
    - 1 hopper
    - extra set of hand guards
    - ATS O-ring kit (spare parts)
    - ATS regulator kit (spare parts)
    - ATS screw kit (spare parts)
    - extra barrel uni-sizer (spare parts)
    - extra guide plate (spare parts)
    - other miscellaneous spare parts
    - cleaning rod
    - paper manual
    - front triangle sight has a corner chipped off

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20201125_112906.jpg Views:	78 Size:	1.57 MB ID:	59793
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