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Nelsons and a 98 Custom

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    Nelsons and a 98 Custom

    Got a few spares up for sale that need to move on.
    All guns in this thread work as they should with zero issues unless otherwise noted.
    All prices are OBO and include shipping within the US.

    Basic 98 Custom. $40 Shipped.
    Has some finish wear, a super tactical custom sniper camo tape wrap on the barrel for extra awesomeness.

    Nelspot/Nelson mutt $65 Shipped ***SOLD SOLD SOLD***
    Has a brass feed neck soldered on and has a bead of weld on the side of the body from some previous attachment of some kind. Shoots just fine on Co2 and HPA.

    Kennimex Pump - $65 Shipped. ***SOLD SOLD SOLD***
    Cool unibody pump. Shoots good on Co2 and HPA. Grip and trigger frame are one piece and grips are not interchangeable.

    Again, all prices are OBO. Willing to make deals if you want more than one gun.
    Not really looking for trades at this time but feel free to offer.

    Thanks for looking!

    Last edited by Marbo40k; 04-08-2021, 12:41 AM.

    Never seen one of the Kennimex pumps before, neat.
    💀 PK x Ragnastock 💀


      Pm'ed on the Kennimex. This will make my day good sir, I have alot of nostalgia for one of these.
      "but we all have electros and you guys only have pumps, this wont be fair"

      (chuckling quietly) "we know"

      My collection:
      Memornix's Collection V2 -


        The Kennimex is sold to Memornix but the other two are still available.

        If the price is too high, offer away! Any and all offers considered.


          Is the 98 available?