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SP-1, Pro Carbine, Pro Lite projects and TipX

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    SP-1, Pro Carbine, Pro Lite projects and TipX

    Note: Everything here has been in a box for between 3 and 10 years. All of it's described as best I can but it's completely untested. Prices are all before shipping.

    1 Tippmann Pro Carbine and 1 Pro Lite, plus the remains of a TiPX Magfed Conversion on them. Both haven't been aired up in a long time, but both held air last time I tried to gas them up however I'd expect to replace some seals on them.

    $100 +Shipping for everything
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    Hey, I'll take the Tipx and sp1!!


      Updated with sold items


        free bump for the pro carb, such a solid, no nonsense , reliable piece of machinery!
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          Yeah it's a ton of fun. Honestly I won't be mad if it doesn't sell. It's just that I'm trying to buy a house and I've played exactly 6 hours of paintball in the last 8 years so I figured I didn't need to own 10+ guns in various states of repair.


            I sent you a message hoping you’d separate and sell me the Pro Carbine! I host woodsball in Iowa a few times a year and the Pro Carbine is the tank of a gun I use for the event. I’m very close to having enough to host 10 on 10, all Pro Carbines. I’ll give it new life.