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Craigslist lot purge (spyder - prolite)

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    Craigslist lot purge (spyder - prolite)

    All sold!!!! Im looking to purge some of my recent craigslist lot purchases. I know Ill never use these.


    Sold!!! 1st Spyder Compact with the nice m16 trigger frame. Og grip, and asa grip, cool barrel, looks like a wanna be BOA, or maybe a old TASO? Not sure, also has the og barrel. Parts bag included with the cupseal. It will not have an airline. It comes with a shorty ACI ex chamber. I removed it to test it as it was easier than finding a macro fitting. I put a drop of oil in it, and aired it up via the vasa last night and it holds air and cycles on HPA. I havent personally gone through it otherwise.

    I was thinking $45 shipped and ppd con US since it has the nice single trigger frame? Obo so offer up. Greenies take $10 off for a total of $35 shipped Con US.

    2nd Brass Eagle Eagle .68 pistol, SOLD to dartamon for $20

    *SOLD* 3rd tippmann Prolite. It airs up and cycles. I took the bolt out and gave it a quick wipe. Oiled it up, and noticed it needs a detent. I should have one somewhere Ipl het installed. (Unless you have one and dont care) the hammer and trigger group could use some cleaning, but works otherwise. Lets say $45 shipped and ppd Con US. *SOLD*

    people out of the US, Ill work with ya on shipping, just shoot me a pm.
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    I don't know why, but I want that Spyder lol. Anything you want in a trade? Automag parts?


      Depends on the mag parts, most of what Id want would mean Im paying you. Lol. Shoot me a pm. The only thing I currently need is a rail, but I kinda have something possibly pending on one with a forum member. Worst that can happen is we dont work out a trade.

      On that note. Id trade any unwanted pgps or brass projects for any of these. keep in mind if you give me a pgp, Im honestly gonna donate it to Walz to help keep him in supply so we can all see more cool stuff get made.


        What does the bore look like in the barrel not fitted to the Spyder? Brass?

        The barrel currently fitted to the Spyder is a factory Spyder barrel.
        FEEDBACK -


          No, both barrels are both aluminum looking, though I DO have a brass lined spyder barrel somewhere.


            Second Spyder barrel is likely a factory Hammer barrel. There was a period they came with unported barrels.