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Azodin kd2

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    Azodin kd2

    Nothing wrong with it and it shoots good. I'm cleaning out most of my stuff and this one never got used. Lower pressure, less kick spyder-ish colne. Not a bad piece at all I just don't like the long swing of the trigger. It could be shortened with stop screws but im not sinking $$ I to it. Heck they may be there already. The regs have a good reputation and the asa is pretty nice. Comes with everything it did when I got it. I'll include a primo hopper with it as well so it's one less thing gathering dust on my shelf and crowding my nudie mag collections. $99.99 to your USA address.
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    You know you need this in your life!


      Donated to friends grand son. GONE


        Great little guns,and a greater outcome!
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