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VS3 project

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    VS3 project

    Hello y'all,

    Here is a project that I'll never finish ...
    This VS3 had a working board and solenoid, but leacked out of the reg/asa ... So I decided to put a proper reg on it.
    It's got a custom VASA adapter, but it's removable and can be turned back to stock if desired.

    the body and barrel are in great shape.

    The battery is dead, but the noid clicked a few times with a standard 9v battery (charger included)

    Comes with smooth and rifled back and 2 front.

    everything pictured is included + all the screws (not pictured but they will go with the marker).

    More pictures on request.

    Sold as-is, ship as-is.

    Let's say $85 shipped and pp in the US.
    As always, open to trades, but $ is king.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20220804_151213481.jpg
Views:	154
Size:	3.52 MB
ID:	302289

    Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

    looking for red/black or blue/silver phantom.
    XEMON's phantom double sided feed

    Keep your ATS going: Project rATS 2.0
    My Feedback

    These have the balanced valves right? This would be a great setup to vampire for an AMG.
    💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


    • Cdn_Cuda


      Editing a comment
      I believe the VS2 and VS3 have the balance valves.

    • William the Third

      William the Third

      Editing a comment
      VS2, VS3, RS, and RSX use balance valves.

    • scottieb


      Editing a comment
      Yes, this has the balance valve in it.

    The ability to add a reg of one's choosing makes this really attractive.


      I'm reaching into my pocket but it's not working. Empty fruit-snack wrappers and a penny. Not sure what's a better offer.


      • XEMON


        Editing a comment
        I know the feeling, will be posting a few things to finance a few purchases I made lately ... That being said, I'm always open to trades. I'm always looking for Sheridan parts and I'm building a phantom so I could use a few things ...
        OfferUp, worse I say is pass 😁