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B2K Project/Parts

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    B2K Project/Parts

    B2K project. Bought this to restore but life comes at you fast and I need to let it go.

    The good:
    CP reg works great
    All components present
    Noid clicks and board works

    The bad:
    someone cross threaded one of the bottomline threads. I imagine it could be salvaged with a thread tap.

    There is a leak between the noid and the tray. I was told this is likely LPR related.

    One of the eye wires has come undone. Easily soldered back into place.

    Price drop: SOLD $65 USD OBO shipped anywhere in North America. Bottomline asa not included.

    Thanks fellas!
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      Bumping this again, sorry to anyone who reached out. My life kinda went crazy because of the pandemic.

      I've returned PMs and if anyone who reached out to me before is still interested, they get priority.