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Lots of markers for sale

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    Lots of markers for sale

    I have a bunch of guns I'd like to clear out. As noted in my descriptions, most of these were very recently rebuilt, fully tested, and are ready for the field.

    I also have masks, hoppers, elbows, some expired CO2 tanks (that do hold air if you have a means of filling them), barrel plugs, and even some tubes and belts we can work into the equation to make some complete packages. And yes, I do the 3D printing, so I can make these stands and Spyder detent covers.

    Prices listed don't include shipping, mostly because I'm hoping to negotiate some bundles and put several of these and some other gear in boxes together! I'm definitely willing to take reasonable offers - especially if you buy multiple things. Trades may be considered, so feel free to ask.

    You can view the full album, which has high resolution pics of both sides of all markers, here:

    Face-to-face is certainly welcome if you are in the Dayton, Cincinnati or Columbus Ohio areas. Otherwise, shipping will be from Dayton.

    Spyder (original model, i believe). Totally rebuilt within the last week and ready to go, and it's really clean for one of these, as you can see in the pics. It has a 3D printed detent cover, so that's not original. But, it works perfectly. Super cool, vintage piece (which makes me feel old). $45

    JT Stealth. Rebuilt within the last month, and ready to go. The barrel has some scratches, but all in all it's pretty clean. Kinda cool if Mil-Sim is your thing. People always expect to see you go to the airsoft side of the field, and are shocked when you start throwing paint instead. LOL! $30

    Tippmann Triumph. Definitely a contender for the strangest, if not ugliest gun I've ever owned, but it holds true to exactly what you'd expect from Tippmann in terms of durability and quality. Totally rebuilt within the last week, including the valve internals to make sure it serves someone well for a very long time. $50

    Tippmann 98c. Completely rebuilt within the last month, including valve internals, and it works perfectly. Brand new feed neck. $60

    Brass Eagle Raider. What can you say, it's a cheap, but reliable marker. Condition unknown because I ran out of air shooting trees with one of my autocockers prior to getting to it. Oops... :-) $10

    VL Maxis. Rebuilt within the last month, and ready to go. I've put a lot of games on this gun, and it is a smooth running, very nice marker. $50

    VL Triton. Totally rebuilt within the last month, except that it needs a cup seal. I used my last on the Maxis and haven't gone back to the local pro shop to get another. Works perfectly when I put the functional one in. $20

    PMI Black Maxx. Needs a ball detent, which I also don't have on hand, but has otherwise been rebuilt and works great. $10
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    Sorry about the inconvenience... But,'re gonna have to do some pricing per the forum's B/S/T rules! GLWS...
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      I had a whole bowl of Wheaties, and you just peed in the whole thing! LOL!

      Prices added. :-)
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