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Intimidator & Nova 700 for parts or projects

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    Intimidator & Nova 700 for parts or projects

    Two neat projects up for sale today...I kind of got in a cool anno whoring mood a while back and ended up with these but don't have the will or time to see them through. Full disclosure, I've never gassed up and fired either of these though it appears all the parts are there and they came to me fully assembled but leaking.

    Nova 700
    The good: beautiful anno, perfect body, very good shape overall, comes with a 3x spares o-ring kit. I went through and replaced all the internal o-rings
    The bad: The poppet main sealing piece is chipped (pretty badly) where the o-ring sits causing it to blow out the firing chamber o-ring. It's a delrin piston that could be easily replicated on a lathe. Common failure point for all Novas

    $99.99 shipped/paypal (SOLD)

    Classic Intimidator
    The good: decent shape, easy to fix, perhaps even working but never aired up or tried it out. Purchased, got disappointed with the feedneck and put it back in the box. Comes with shocktech drop forward and asa and JT stainless barrel (pretty much a dye stainless boomstick)
    The bad: Feedneck was removed by previous owner who scratched it all the way around and I can't get it to stay put. Threads appear all there but just dont grab very well. Missing the set screw to hold the feedneck in place. Small scratch on the passenger side of the body.

    $99.99 shipped/paypal (SOLD)
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    Last edited by gabe; 12-16-2020, 02:14 PM.

    I'll take the timmy, let me know info


      Pm sent, will take the Nova.




          Dang it!
          Good snags, gentlemen.

          If by chance it falls through, I'll take 2nds on the Nova.
          Rainmaker's feedback:


            Got a couple people in line but Nova currently pending to JCC. Timmy still available.


            • euangelion
              euangelion commented
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              I'll take the Timmy!

            • gabe
              gabe commented
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              Sent you a PM

            $ sent on the Nova. Thank you.


              Nova sold!


                Intimidator sold!