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B2K with Gladiator reg

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    B2K with Gladiator reg


    Got this in a pile of stuff. I know nothing about these. Has marks/scratches but no damage. Powers up and noid clicks but it does not have a bolt. Does include a MacDev Gladiator regulator. Other than powering it up its completely untested. No clue on value so I will say 75 shipped

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    That is what's called a fishbone bushmaster. It is uses ICD threaded barrels and has an lcd board. Looks like the wiring harness is for non LCD board. When looking at the back of the marker is there a transparent window? If so, the body is an lcd type. Looks to be stock lpr which is junk. ICD regs do not have a good reputation. The gladiator does. Good luck with the sale.
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      Editing a comment
      Just to clarify- the LCD board should still work in a non-LCD model. I've put 20-pin B2K boards in BKOs & they've worked. Heck, my current one has a B2K board in it.
      And if, for some reason, the board is shot they're not that expensive. At least last I checked. However, B2K/BKO electronic components are very robust.

    For whoever buys this, I have a bolt from a B2K4 that may work as long as I have a suitable substitute by then.

    kind of a shameless plug, kind of helping someone out.



      Thank you all for the info, not a marker I have any knowledge on. And if my price is off let me know, won't hurt my feelings at all


        I think pricing on these is odd. Bare bones Bushys and BKOs routinely go for under $100. Aftermarket parts are what make them valuable, and even then it's usually better to part them out to maximize returns. I've seen Zenitram front blocks go for 50 bucks all on their own & I've read the Zeni magnetic trig frames fetch ~$100. On the other hand, a fully loaded Bushy or BKO won't fetch much at all- I sell pretty much exclusively on here and sold a fully loaded milled down 2K2 BKO for only $130 shipped a few years back. There's also the B2K4 w/PDS I could only sell for $75 shipped... Wasn't too happy with either of those sales, but I had to move them. Private label Bushys can go for quite a bit more than a standard one. And anything with a trayless kit can go for a lot to the right buyer. (trayless kits are super rare)

        It also depends on where you sell it. For anything more than a factory or Fishbone Bushy you'd probably get more cash selling it on the ICDO group on FB than on here. There's a rather small market for these markers, which also hurts things. Overall, the market for these is weird from what I've seen & prices can vary wildly depending on aftermarket stuff.

        Now personally, I think these markers still hold up. They're big, heavy & kind of a pain to completely tear down, but they're also cheap enough to buy a second to scavenge parts from & they're still darn good shooters, especially for what you'd pay for one. The only real flaw is the HPR. It's the first thing most people swap out. I myself think this is worth your asking price, though others may feel differently. I'm just not in the market for one, lol.
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          heck, ill send ya a pm.
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            I believe that's a MacDev HPR. It's definitely not stock, way way back in the day my eBay bushmaster came with one. I also completely don't understand the pricing on these. They are SO cheap and shoot fantastically with a little work. Having shot them since around 2010 or so their only real weaknesses are the HPR and the wiring harness. This one already comes with both a VASA and an after market reg, and vaporworks (Sam) is still doing wiring harnesses. IMO they are the single best performing sub $100 gun money can buy.


              Maaan, I want one of these. I especially love the rattlesnake logo on the battery cover. Plus ICD is based in Nampa, Idaho where I coincidentally moved to for a while.
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                Still for sale?


                  No sorry it is sold