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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife SAK 93mm Soldier 1998 "the real swiss army knife"

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    Victorinox Swiss Army Knife SAK 93mm Soldier 1998 "the real swiss army knife"

    Here is a fine example of the victorinox "Soldiers Knife" aka the actual swiss army knife, originally introduced in 1962 running through to 2007 when they switched to the big plastic handled non traditional swiss army knives. This one was a 1998 issue date as noted by the blade engraving, a feature only found on the soldiers knives. These 93mm SAK's have a thicker blade that feels a lot more solid in the hand than any of the standard 91mm knives. If you like swiss army knives and haven't had one of these, you will like it. Plus you can't go wrong with this one as this model is no longer produced and the price keeps going up. I'm purging my inventory of things I like to prepare for some life changes and this beauty isn't going to have a safe home with me anymore

    75 dollars shipped mcarterbrown price which is substantially cheaper than a similar knife on ebay.

    How about 55 shipped. About the same price as a new current production one with ugly logo and no issue date and with annoying keyring hole.


      I'm super tempted but my average retention period for a pocket knife is 3.87 days before it disappears into the ether
      Dulce et decorum est pro comoedia mori


        I have a lot of em, but this one is the only one worth selling, even though by far its my favorite to find in my desk drawer because it feels so nice.

        I never went for the alox models because they lack the tweezers and toothpick and phillips of cheaper knives like the tinker.

        But after having this I find myself making excuses for it because its so nice feeling compared to the plastic ones.

        but if i start using it for anything im gunna beat it up and i honestly have more swiss army knives than I need